my name is liesbeth, but you can call me jude. I'm from catalonia, 21, sleepyhead & a huge fan of this queen. those from my sb are the reason i started vidding many years ago. have fun bitches.

update: SKYEWARD. SKYEWARD. SKYE AND WARD. FUCKING WHY. skyeward. and fitzsimmons too.

Happy Birthday Holland Roden, October 7th, 1986.

god help the girl
she needs all the  h e l p  she can get

somosinevitables replied to your photo:Take me back to the start (A fitzsimmons fanmix,…


Take me back to the start (A fitzsimmons fanmix, coldplay edition)

i. Swallowed in the sea  /  ii. See you soon  /  iii. Don’t panic  /  iv. Us against the world  /  v. Yellow  /  vi. O  /  vii. Fix you  /  viii. The scientist

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.. so shut up, sit down, and stop acting like a little bitch baby.